Get Christmas shopping wrapped up early

Before the bells start to jingle and Jack Frost starts nipping at your nose, you should start Christmas shopping.

Now is the time for shoppers to start getting ideas for gifts and purchasing them, according to the National Retail Federation.

Here is a Christmas shopping tip: Wrap it up quick! You do not have to be one of those crazy, completely organized people who get everything done ahead of schedule to complete this task.

The holidays can be stressful and time consuming, according to Samantha Davis, sophomore sociology major from St. Louis, Mo.

"You have to prepare for company, trips to see relatives and buy gifts. If you don’t start early it can stress you out," she said.

There are also those annual school and church programs to attend. Not to mention picking out Christmas cards (which can take several shopping trips just to find the right ones). On top of that, there is menu planning, the long grocery list, office parties, school parties, the festivities and errands, which can go on and on.

There are benefits to getting this seasonal job done early. Shopping early can save some time so you can get all of the above done. There will be time to enjoy the holidays with family just a little bit more. Plus, money will not be spent all at one time.

"Consumers know that it’s much easier to pay for holiday gifts over three months than three weeks," Ellen Tolley, NRF spokeswoman, said.

The NRF expects shoppers will spend $219.9 billion this year for holiday gifts. Video games are expected to be the hot items this year, as they were last Christmas.

It is a special tradition. And it is a wonderful feeling, to give those special gifts that you have put some time into. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas shopping experience and may all your gifts be well received!