No chapel for Sundays

Sunday morning worship services at Lawless Chapel have come toan end due to lack of financial aid and congregational support.But, the worship does not stop there. A new service in LawlessChapel has been started on the third Wednesday of every month atnoon to keep the word alive.

“I’m really going to miss chapel services on Sunday. Not onlywas the singing fulfilling, but the message always inspired me,”Lola Abu, a sophomore nursing major said. “Plus, Sundays tend to bemy study days, so it was nice not having to make such longcommutes,”

With competition from bigger ministries such as Beacon LightMissionary Baptist Church, Franklin Avenue Baptist Church, andGreater St. Stephen Full Gospel Baptist Church, the congregation ofLawless Chapel, as stated by sophomore Shieniece Rhodes, was “bigin heart, but small in number.”

Rhodes added, “Many people like worshipping in big churches,because it reminds them of their churches back home. It’sunfortunate for those of us who appreciated the atmosphere ofattending a small church.”

Serving as the University Chaplain for the past seven years,Reverend Gail E. Bowman admits that canceling Sunday morningworship services was a difficult decision to make. “Our ministryjust could not provide some of the aspects of church service thatmost students are accustomed to from their home churches, such as alack of the diversity in the ages of our members,” Bowman said.

As an alternative to traditional Sunday services, Vision Questand the Lawless Chapel Ministry are sponsoring “Message in theMiddle” every third Wednesday of every month at noon. Message inthe Middle, lasting no longer than an hour, is a worship servicedesigned to give the student body flexibility in when and how theyworship.

“I’m interested in creating something that will be of interestand value to not only the student body, but the faculty and staffas well,” Bowman said. “This ministry isn’t about me; I believethat the change is truly what is best for Dillard as a whole,” sheadded.

Most of the services of this semester will be delivered by guestspeakers from places like Alabama, Illinois, and GeorgiaGuestspeakers from places including Alabama, Illinois and Georgia willdeliver most of the Message in the Middle services this semester.Bowman believes that attestsMessage in the Middle will truly givestudents that extra boost needed to hold them over until Sundaybecause it is has lively musicianship, messages that cater to theyouth and is held right on campus.

Along with Message in the Middle, Vision Quest and the LawlessChapel Ministry have scheduled periodic bible study to alternatebetween on-campus dorms, round-table discussions with guestspeakers, as well as monthly community service projects.

So, what can be expected from Message in the Middle thisacademic term? Equipped with a smile on her face, Bowman explained,”Great music, sincere prayer, and a serious word.”