Making the best of Ivan

Dillard University students and faculty made the hurricaneexperience worthwhile last week when Dillard, along with otheruniversities, were evacuated.

Many Dillard students and faculty made the best out of theweek-long break by catching up on work, while others used last weekfor fun and relaxation.

Some residents of New Orleans and Baton Rouge participated inevents such as hurricane parties and barbecues as they anticipatedthe hurricane in an effort to raise their spirits. Carisa Jones, ajunior psychology major from Houston, used the break to visitfriends in Memphis, Tenn.

“After studying for the first part of the break, I attended theUsher concert and Southern Heritage Classic in Memphis,” saidJones.

While some students were able to evacuate, others who stayed inNew Orleans made the best out of their experiences. Senior J.P.Attueyi, a computer science major from Nigeria, stayed in his NewOrleans apartment.

“I was calm the entire time because I knew it wasn’t going tocome,” said Attueyi, “I played X-Box, watched movies, and studiedfor my biology test throughout the break.”

The break was seemingly well spent, according to students, andprovided time for many families and friends to enjoy being witheach other.

Many residents said it was necessary to follow the warnings ofevacuation. Dr. Kevin Bastian, Student Support Servicesadministrator, said it was in his family’s best interest to leaveNew Orleans during the hurricane.

“I took my wife and kids to Almeit, La., because I couldn’t takethe chance of endangering their lives by staying in New Orleans,”said Bastian, “You can always replace a house, but families areirreplaceable.”