Election 18 Questions

The Courtbouillon’s 18 questions are questions asked by DillardUniversity students We, the Courtbouillon staff, chose to have 18questions because Dillard was founded in 1869. The following arerandom questions asked by current Dillard students.

1.Are any of the candidates planning to give reparations?
2.Why did Bush have a 700 on his SAT but got into Harvard?
3.How is it that Bush is your father and he’s rich, but the twinsstill dress like all their clothes come from rainbow?
4.Why was Bush making faces at the debate?
5.How is Bush still our president if he can barely speak theEnglish language?
6.Do people really care about John Kerry’s military background?
7.Is either candidate planning to help the poor blackcommunities?
8.Why is it that on Election Day, states are declared to aparticular person beginning at 5:00 p.m. when black people don’tget off work and go vote until after 5:30?
9.What is the point of me voting if Bush’s people are going to comedown here and throw my ballot away?
10.Why hasn’t Bush responded formally to the accusations made inFahrenheit 911?
11.Who does the Gallop poll really ask?
12.If Bush gets re-elected, can we have another Americanrevolution?
13.Why didn’t Hillary run?
14.If Kerry becomes president, will he fight to keep affirmativeaction in the education system?
15.Why does our president call himself George “Dubya” Bush?
16.Does Laura Bush ever talk?
17.I am being over-charged by my insurance company, can JohnEdwards represent me?
18.Why is it that besides differing on the major issues, bothcandidates have the same beliefs?