New students adapt to their new home on campus

Several students have made Dillard University their new home and they feel comfortable knowing that the university is a family-oriented institution that focuses on close-knit lasting friendships.

"Dillard is a nice place to be. People are enjoyable. It’s like its own little community in its gates," said April Harris, a transfer student from Cleveland Heights, Ohio.

Getting used to a new place can be very difficult for any individual, however, students have become accustomed to sharing their rooms with roommates, being comfortable with community bathrooms, and being very cautious of the New Orleans area.

"I was very impressed and shocked with the dorms. They are more spacious," expressed Justin Ellis, a freshman from Memphis, Tenn.

Although the changes have been dramatic for some students, it has not been difficult to adjust. "It’s a little dirty but I can get used to it," said Senae Hall, a freshman from Shreveport, La.

The changes that have been made on Dillard’s campus have allowed many freshmen and new students the privileges of open curfews, open visitation and co-educational dormitories.

Several students are pleased that they are being treated as responsible adults, but there are some who disagree.

"The rules are fair but it is not fair that some residents receive more privileges such as having visitors past eleven at night in Straight Hall," said Yazid Britt, a freshman from Minnesota.

Dillard has improved the security around the campus to ensure a very secure and safe institution for the students. The constant checking for identification, the continuous demands for vehicles to have decals, and the curfews that are enforced in the dormitories, assist in keeping the area safe.

"I think once you get used to the heat and the people, it becomes an alright place. I like it and if I had to I would stay after school," expressed Britt.

New students who have never experienced scorching weather, flooding areas and hurricanes, feel rather uncomfortable, but students said they have found themselves putting all those situations aside so they can enjoy the college life.