Student gives commander in chief grim report

As Information Specialist 2nd Class Petty Officer (Surface Warfare Specialist) Theodore H. George III, I am reporting for duty for the self-assigned task at hand. Today’s task is to furnish my fellow blue devils with an insider look at the "other than honorable conditions" being put on display by the current national administration and our own United States armed forces.

People of color have long been exploited while attempting to serve a just cause for a not-so-just country. Throughout history, African American, Latino-American, and Asian American servicemen and women have been used as expendable components in the United States’ perseverance to maintain its power over our enemies as well as our "allies."

However, as a veteran of service I am obliged to say that serving my country in all corners of the world had a definite upside for me. My ability to couple my beliefs and social norms against the cultures of our transatlantic neighbors has urged me to examine the United States foreign policy with less restraint and more resolve.

From that, I have drawn the conclusion that the recent foreign policy decisions made by the current regime is erasing years of diplomatic peacekeeping efforts, in particular efforts orchestrated by previous administrations (like Clinton/Gore 1992-2000). The United States as a whole is more susceptible to attacks rivaling and/or surpassing the attacks of 9-11 because we have attracted new adversaries.

North Korea, Syria, and Iran all have increased their ability to produce weapons of mass destruction over the course of this administration. Previously North Korea was an ally of the United States. Now they are our most formidable foe. The United Nations Secretary General described the United States’ behavior harshly using the word "erratic.

Drawing on the power of his office, Kofi Annan ripped apart the U.S. policy of hot preemption without pointing specifically at the Bush administration:

"Until now it has been understood that when (nation) states go beyond (self-defense), and decide to use force to deal with broader threats to international peace and security, they need the unique legitimacy provided by the United Nations… Some say this understanding is no longer tenable"
The United States needs a president to restore credibility to the office and country in which he/she embodies. We need a great communicator who is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in even when it is not popular to do so.

This president has catered blatantly to the rich; our economy has suffered record lows because of it. Our president has to have the ability to observe current events and if necessary change his policies to satisfy the needs of his people. Bill Clinton once said "foreign policy is domestic policy," one has to agree with his premise— every action that the U.S. handles inappropriately abroad will most certainly yield an unfavorable product right here at home.

This point proves most evident in the case of the so-called "war on terror." While our tax dollars are being spent on improving the quality of life of the citizens of Iraq, the citizens of the United States continue to suffer.

The "Leave no child behind" program has left several underprivileged kids longing for the opportunity to earn a decent education. Disabled seniors cannot afford the prescription drugs needed to maintain their health. Six percent of all Americans are unemployed as of September 2004; this number has been steadily increasing over the past four years.

This administration calls John Kerry the "flip-flopper" because he changes his mind on key issues. We need to call George Bush the "flop-flipper," for flipping all of his domestic policy flops into success stories.

A smart man will admit when he has made a wrong turn and steer a new course to drive himself and his passengers another day. A foolish man will not reform his course, he would rather drive off the cliff and take him and all his passengers for a ride that they’ll never forget, or live to tell about.

Humans we are and perfect we are not, but pity the fool who learns not from his mistakes, for he will do so at his own peril. America cannot withstand "FOUR MORE YEARS" of the same abuse.

A wise man once said "the only thing that remains the same is change." Judging by the often squeamish-look on George Bush’s face at the first debate between him and John Kerry, he knows that change is coming.