Athletic Spotlight: Shermett Corbett

If you are looking for a hard working and highly dedicated athlete, Shermett Corbett is the one to find. The Missouri City, Texas native is a fresh face to Dillard’s campus, but she is ready to make things happen for the cross-country team.

Corbett ran track at Missouri City Middle School and Hightower High School. There, she won more than ten medals making her an extraordinary athlete. She tried to play basketball her freshman year in high school but realized that her real talent was running.

"I like running so I’m becoming good at it and I want to be the best at it," said Corbett.
Before each cross-country meet, Corbett takes time to herself to pray. She gets all of the nervousness out that she possibly can before running and puts her trust in God. "I warm up, do my drills, and go on the field to do my best," said Corbett.

Corbett appreciates her coach and she said he is doing a good job with the team. She is grateful for what he is doing for the team and recognizes her teammates efforts to make him proud.

However, Corbett found her real inspiration in her high school track and field and cross-country coach, Ms. Colbert. Corbett said, "She prepared us really well, and that’s why we always won."
Corbett said she is very excited about the cross-country meets and using her skills to help her team. She hopes that at least one boy and girl will win all or almost all of the races. She is proud of the team and coach Cass and knows that the team will accomplish great things this year.