Being healthy is also skin deep

As the fall season approaches, many African Americans discuss ways to enhance skin maintenance as the weather changes.

Skin discoloration, acne and ash are all major skin impediments that African Americans especially, should look out for. As a result, various cosmetic companies have competed against each other in efforts to gain the sales and service of consumers.

However, as winter approaches, the usage of skincare products has become more important than ever before.

From cleansers to moisturizing lotions, African Americans have sought skin care products they feel will better condition and protect their skin. Ranging from over the counter soaps like Dove, all the way to popular skin and beauty products of MAC, recommended by celebrities, such as R&B singer Mary J. Blige.

Another popular skincare system, Proactiv Solution, promoted by Stephanie Y. Breaux, believes the product line is trustworthy and many African Americans need to create a skin balance for themselves. This effort requires a daily routine of taking care of the skin.

Breaux said, “African Americans need to know the difference between moisture and oil. Don’t strip the body of oil completely; therefore, keep it moisturized to avoid an unsatisfying tone and achieve a younger look.”

Many Dillard University students agree that skin maintenance is important throughout the year.
Veronica Reed, a junior from New Orleans, uses Mary Kay skin products. “Drinking plenty of water; reducing the amount of greasy foods such as hamburgers, French fries and chips help enhance one’s appearance greatly. Certain foods simply aren’t good for the skin,” said Reed.

As African Americans find ways to maintain healthy looking skin, finding the right products can sometimes become confusing. Products such as Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy serene sugar scrub, can help give the skin an amazing shine and get rid of dirty skin cells from hands and body.

Fashion Fair Hidden Beauty starter packet is only $22.50 and can help African American females achieve gorgeous skin. Another skin care product that can help the skin is Lab Series For Men. Both products can be found at Dillard’s and other well-known department stores. The key to great skin is simple: drinking water, eating healthy and cleansing and moisturizing the face daily.