Finding the correct major

There are a number of resources on Dillard’s campus thatencourage and provide freshmen with the essential tools to decidethe perfect major to suit their career goals.

The Emerging Faculty Fellows recommend freshmen declare a majorby the deadline, which is the “Rights of Passage” ceremony, duringthe spring semester.

Although, to many first year students, this may seem like aneternity, that is quickly approaching. Many, who are stillundecided, can obtain guidance on their path toward choosing amajor, mainly from the EFFs and the Office of Career Services.

“We talk to them, ask them their likes and dislikes,” saidSebern Coleman, a faculty fellow. Coleman also said that he sendsfreshmen to Career Services and to the deans or advisors in thevarious divisions on campus to aid them in exploring the differentfields within each division.

Dewain L. Lee, director of Educational Enhancement Options atCareer Services, gives students an assessment test called theCareer Exploration Inventory, which identifies a student’s hobbiesand interests. She also helps students to determine what makes themhappy and whether they would enjoy working in a prospective fieldeven if they were not getting paid.

La’ Mya Holley, a junior speech communications and theater artsmajor, however, has maintained her current track throughout hertenure at Dillard. She said she chose this major because it is herpassion, and she will obtain a variety of skills within the theaterfield through her double major.
Besides determining the activities students enjoy, Lee alsohelpsthe students in figuring out who they are in relation to theirmajor.

Many Dillard students have changed their majors throughout theircollege careers for various reasons.

Lionel Major, a freshman, has decided to be an accounting majorbecause he works well with numbers.

However, Zenobia Wright, a graduating senior, said she changedher major during her first year from physical therapy to communityhealth education because the curriculum in physical therapy was toscience based and she wanted to be in a field where she could helppeople.