Ask Karmen

Dear Karmen,

I am a 6’1, 180 pound freshman at Dillard. Since I have been here,I have been looking for a woman that I can treat like a queen. Myproblem is that I cannot find her. I am waiting for the right womanto bless me with her presence, but no one has risen to theoccasion. Should I keep looking, or just give up?

Handsome but lonely

Dear Handsome but lonely,

As I often state, patience is a virtue. Haven’t you ever heard thesaying that anything worth having is worth waiting for? This sayingproves to be true in a lot of cases. Of course, you can alwaysstart a relationship with the first young lady that looks your way.However, it is my guess that this decision would not be in yourbest interest. Your best bet is to remain patient and wait on thatspecial someone who will come in good time.

Dear Karmen,

I have had a crush on this guy for my entire four years at Dillardand he and I are acquaintances. He is a big man on campus and Ihave always had feelings for him. I am already in a relationshipwith a guy from my hometown, but I can’t seem to shake thesefeelings that I have for the guy at Dillard. Since he and I areboth about to graduate, should I confess my feelings to him, sothat my mind can be at ease? Am I wrong for feeling this way, sinceI have a boyfriend?

Going out with a Bang

Dear Going Out with a Bang,

This big man on campus obviously means a lot to you, consideringthe fact that your feelings for him have remained unwavering forthe past four years. Perhaps you should relay your feelings to theyoung man, if this situation regarding him is truly bothering you.However, if you are content and truly happy with your relationship,then maybe you shouldn’t start something that you may notnecessarily be able to finish.

Dear Karmen,

I began crushing on this guy, only to find out that he is talkingto my roommate. If this were just an average guy, I wouldn’t evenworry about it. However, I really like this guy, and I feel that itis unfair for my roommate to reap the benefits of talking to him. Ithink that as a true friend, my friend should leave him alone, sothat she and I can both be even. Am I being selfish? What should Ido?

Upset and Bitter,

Dear Upset and Bitter,

It is understandable and quite common for friends or roommates tofind themselves attracted to the same guy, especially on the samecollege campus. The problem comes in when the two of you have tochoose who will get the guy. If you are a true friend, and you knowthat your friend has already begun talking to this young man, thenyou should be mature about the situation, and move on. I am surethat there is someone out there for you. Please do not miss out onwhat is good for you, on account of jealousy.