College dating is science students study, master like any other

Stress from professors, dealing with financial binds, and tryingto make parents proud with attempting to make straight “A’s”, areall difficult tasks college students day to day attempt toovercome. Making time to have a little fun with a little hottie canadd a little ” spice” in a college student’s boring and stressfullife.

College students daily hook up with different people to justkick it or hang out to give themselves free time to theiracademics. On dates, different individuals have different opinionsabout how they would want their dates to flow especially on a firstdate. The first date makes a big impression on that other person.It determines whether another date will even be thought aboutdepending on if the two individuals like each other.

“On a first date I love to see a male being himself , being aperfect gentleman and is not afraid to show his sense of humor,”said Ronika Dunnaway, a junior criminal justice major at DillardUniversity.

Opening car doors, paying for the meal, escorting the female tothe car are the main things that females love to see a male do forthem according to the American Singles Handbook. Guys who canensure that there jokes or comments will make a female laugh willsurely land them a chance with that female in the future. Femalestend to loosen up more and want to crack a smile. A female with agood sense of humor also is likely to be the perfect datingmaterial, but remember just because it is a more relax situation,it is best to stay in individual boundaries.

“I expect a female to be very cautious and distant because theyreally don’t know me,” said Marchean Crenshaw, a sophomore businessmanagement major at Dillard University.
On the first date it is best to getting to know each other well butnot to well. Males don’t expect a female to be all up on them orwant them to play ” footsie” because it gives off the impressionthat the female is easy. Never be fake with the date. That shows agreat deal of dishonesty and the abusing of trust.

“I hate guys that approach me with a different personality andask me out on a date and then change their whole personalitywhenever we got out,” said Maigan Francis, a junior MassCommunications major. Making your date think that you are adifferent person can interfere with the way that they perceive you.Individuals who act as though they are something they aren’t willnever land them a second date.

A first impression of a male or a female is important on datesbut physical appearance makes a great impact on how they areperceive by each other.

“I love a clean-cut male. All that hair can get annoying,” saidDunnaway. According to the American Singles Handbook, a greatamount of females have grown out of the phase of dating the‘bearded male’. Several females view hairy faces asmales that are rough. The smooth, short haired guy stands out moreand a guy with these characteristics can expect to land a female’sattention all night long.

“Appearance is a plus when I go out on dates. I need a gentlemanthat I can take home to mom so he absolutely needs to bepresentable,” said Francis. Females have different preferences inwhat they expect their dates to wear. Many like the nicely starchedshirts paired with stone washed blue jeans or a nice pair ofslacks. Males remember don’t forget the “Stacy Adams.”

Many females can be impressed with the dressed down males whowear jeans and a nice Sean Jean T-shirt paired with some freshwhite air force ones. “I like the thuggish look sometimes. It canbe sexy on some males but as long as I feel they are presentableenough, I will be satisfied,” expressed Dunnaway.

“I love a classy girl who can dress nice from the head to thetoes,” expressed Crenshaw. Ladies, less is more. According to theAmerican Singles Handbook, guys are impressed with the ladies thatkeep themselves covered up. This leaves the males with something tocontemplate about. Females who expose too much can be thought to becheap and sleazy dating partners.

Before college students begin to ” hookup”, it is best to beorganized first. Without the proper organizational skills, gradesmay begin to drop and individuals could start to become lousydating partners. Make sure to keep priorities first and straight.Dating and pursuing relationships is great, but they are not alwaysthe most important factor in life. Dating in college is a verydifferent type of life in many singles life.

Partying and consuming alcohol can get many in some dangeroussituations. Remember to keep in control and know the surroundingsalways. College life is suppose to be the best time in life. Datingshould not be the number one priority right now. Goals in lifedepends on education and its best to not let some datingexperiences assist in throwing you off track.