Dillard men battle to be most chivalrous

What makes a gentleman? Is he sophisticated, poised, pragmatic?This is the question that 13 of Dillard University’s men, recentlyaddressed on Oct. 27, in the Samuel Dubois Cook Center.

A host of other Dillard University students assembled into thetheatre around 7 p.m., in support of their fellow students, asthese young men sought the titles of Mr. Gentleman. Hosted by MissDillard, Morjoriee White, and her royal court, the gentleman’spageant was created as an effort to support breast cancerawareness.

As students entered the pageant, many of them offered donations,which were presented as proceeds to this cause. The junior classqueen, Tangala Hollis, served as the mistress of ceremonies for theevening, as the pageant opened up with a prayer from SGA chaplain,Rance Johnson.

The ceremony began as each young man paraded down the aisles ofthe Cook Center and introduced himself. In the next portion, eachcontestant was given the opportunity to answer the award-winningquestion of the evening, which was, “What is a gentleman?”

After this section of the pageant, they displayed their talentsin a variety of ways, ranging from singing, dancing and speaking.Contestants captured the audience with soulful ballads, stylisticdancing techniques, and original, in depth poems.

Similar to that of every pageant, this one tested the intellectof each contestant, during the question and answer portion.Afterwards, the audience waited in anticipation as sophomore, MarciFuller; physical education instructor, Elijah Hobley; and Facultyfellow Sebern Coleman, among others, voted on the winners.

As the pageant came to an end, eight Dillard University men werehonored with the titles of Mr. Gentleman. Tyrone Bottley, Kelvin L.Haynes, Eddy Oliver, Christopher Stewart, and Armando Tolliver wereall winners, representing the freshmen class.

Sophomores, Montae Richardson and Lloyd Ross, represented thesophomore class, and Stephen Wigley, represented the junior class.Each of these young men will escort members of Miss Dillard’s courtat the coronation on Saturday evening.