Gambling has its fair share of student clientele

With an attractive setting, a long list of popular entertainersand unlimited access to various low priced buffets, it is notsurprising to find college students flocking to casinos.

The affordable slot machines and bright colors of casinoscapture the attention of many college students. While gambling canbe a form of excitement for students, it can also open the door formany problems to emerge in their lives. Becoming addictive togambling, according to some students, is not very uncommon in afast pacedcapitalistic society.

Casinos have a way of attracting student gamblers through theinternet. Increasing numbers of young people are turning tointernet gambling. Brandon Smith, a student at the University ofNew Orleans, admits to gambling online.

“Usually, a person has to be 21 to gamble in a real casino, butthere is not a lot of control on the internet,” Smith said.Statistics show that internet gambling among college students isbecoming the fastest growing addiction. Many do not admit to aproblem with gambling, but there are signs to spot their illness,such as nervousness, irritability and compulsive lying.

Casinos know that most of their business comes from the middleaged and middle class players. Naturally, the middle class accountsfor most of the winning from casinos. Students said, theinexpensive food, entertainment and free alcoholic beverages arethe main attractions in most casinos. In addition, the trend ofincreasing numbers of college students will live on if studentscontinue to gamble with their limited budgets.