Athletic Profile: Brittney Neveaux

Dillard University’s volleyball team is having a very successful season and freshman Brittney Neveaux plays a big role in that success.

Neveaux, a nursing major from New Orleans, began playing volleyball in the fourth grade, never imagining that the sport may be her ticket into college life.

By the time she reached the ninth grade, Neveaux had become a player with obvious potential and was recruited by coach Javonne Butler to play volleyball for Dillard.

"As a freshman, Brittney has a lot of growing to do on the court. She is a big part of our success and plays a big role in our offense," said Butler.

All but two members of the 2004 volleyball team are freshmen and they have certainly made a big impact already.

"We really have a lot of spirit being a young team, every team we play says they love our energy," said Neveaux.

As a setter, Neveaux is as an integral part of her team, but she does not see herself as an individual on the volleyball court.

"My goal for this season is the entire team’s goal. We want to win conference. I want that ring on my finger," said Neveaux.

Friday, Nov. 12 marked the beginning of the volleyball conference championship and according to Neveaux, the team has been working a very strenuous practice schedule leading up to the conference.

Possible complications from a weak ankle seem to be the only thing that could hold Neveaux back as she prepares for competition.

"I broke my ankle in the eighth grade and I’ve been feeling the injury this week, but it shouldn’t be a problem," said Neveaux.

If the Dillard University volleyball team was successful in the conference championship and is in the the regional competition competing for a chance to go to the prestigious national competition.