Barricade causes confusion

Many Dillard students are in an uproar due to changes that campus police have made to campus entrances and exits.

The Dillard Police Department first began blocking off the entrance by the Cook building earlier in the school year and recently began barricading the levy behind the DUICEF building.

Lt. Anteal Jackson Jr. stated the reason why the levy is blocked off is because it has become a safety hazard to Dillard students.

"We do not want the pot holes tearing up students cars and we do not want the children’s cars to wear down the soil and cause water to seek under the flood gate, which could cause flooding," Jackson said.

"Sometimes it is confusing for me to try to leave campus because I live by the modules and sometimes I think the gate by Cook is open and it isn’t. Then I drive over to the levy and it’s blocked off. All these changes are just really inconvenient," Diana Green, a biology major from Chicago, said.

Jackson said he wants to inform students that the gate by the Cook building will be open as long as the shuttle is running. Jackson also mentioned that Dr. Freddye Hill, vice president of campus life and Chief Jacqueline Bumpas directed the campus officers to close the gate by the Cook building to keep a steady traffic flow, which makes it easier to notice who is coming on and off campus.

"Since the gate has been closed it has allowed security to be able to keep a look out throughout the campus and we have arrested 14 trespassers," Jackson said.

Some students do not have a problem with security on campus but still do not understand why the gate by the Cook building cannot stay open.

"I think the security at the front gate is good, but I do not see why the other gate does not stay open," Neal Songy, freshman computer science from Edgard, La. "I never use the levy so I don’t care that it’s blocked off, but why close it if it is the only way to leave out," he added.

Some students might not agree with the administration tactics of barricading the entrances, but Dillard is placing safety before convenience.