Dillard embarks upon new computer plans

Dillard University administration has created a new computer lab schedule as a result of students’ persistent complaints. Now, students can rest easy, knowing that they have a substantial amount of time to utilize the computer lab during the week of finals.

After hearing complaints from students, interim president Dr. Bettye Parker Smith along with interim president of ITT, Terry Simon, compiled a task force consisting of selected Dillard faculty and staff, to address the situation.

For the past several months, students have voiced their needs to the president her monthly meetings where students are urged to discuss concerns. Other students relayed their concerns regarding the computer labs to their professors. As a means to gather information regarding increased lab hours, Simon conducted research on universities across the country.

After carefully considering the complaints heard from students and analyzing the results of Simon’s research, the task force decided to implement a 24-hour computer lab, only for the duration of midterms and finals. The 24 hour computer lab, located in the library, will be secured by Dillard University security.

In addition to the revised lab schedule for finals, the lab is currently open at 7:30 a.m., to accommodate students in need of completing assignments before their 8 a.m. classes.

Simon’s research found that only 40 to 50 percent of Dillard University students own computers, making the need for increased computer lab availability even more imperative. His research found that even though most students purchase technology, such as televisions and DVD players, many of them fail to buy computers.

While there are over 250 computers on campus, ITT is still making provisions to purchase newer computers for the lab located in the library. If everything goes as planned, students will return from the Christmas break to find a newly renovated computer lab in the library. The older computers will then be dispersed to the residence halls, where the labs will be open for 24 hours.

The decision to have 24-hour labs only during midterms and finals has been decided on the basis that it is cost prohibitive. The university does not find it feasible for students to utilize computers add odd hours of the morning. If 24-hour labs are incorporated on campus, they will only be available to the residents of the particular dorm where the labs are located.

In addition to these changes, the university plans to eventually include computers in the university center, where they will only be used to check email.

The administration has worked tirelessly to come up with short-term plans to fulfil the needs and concerns of students regarding the computer labs availability.

Below is a list of the revised hours for the computer labs, along with a list of computer specifications for students who are currently planning to purchase computers.