Radio: Big ideas, new pleasures

A graduating senior at Dillard incorporates new ideas into the world of radio.

Evelina N. Monroe, a mass communication major from Chicago, said that throughout high school she never liked to listen to the radio because there were too many commercials. She recalled making many CDs constantly to stop herself from ever having to stay tuned to radio stations.

“I always wanted to be behind the scene of radio,” Monroe said. According to Monroe, opportunities in the business of radio are numerous and people should not feel discouraged if they are not awarded with the opportunity that they desire at the present time.

For instance, Monroe said after preparing for an internship at HOT 104.5, she was finally given the opportunity to intern with the local radio station.

As an intern, Monroe said she was able to write promos (station commercials-promotions), be seen on commercials and associate with radio professionals in the promotion, programming, and productions and sales part of the radio industry.

By working as an intern at HOT 104.5, Monroe said she became aware of the importance of radio commercials.

“I was able to combine all things I have learned while at the station and put them to work,” Monroe said.
Monroe indeed put things together by starting her own Internet radio station,

On the website, Monroe said people can hear different kinds of music, especially hip-hop and r&b.
“My goal is to attract college students, make my station user driven and have people share the same love for music that I have,” Monroe said.

On this station people can find up-to-date music that includes very diverse music from old and new hip-hop and r&b artists.

Monroe works hard each day developing her internet radio station. When it comes to radio, many would agree that it is male-dominated. This reality is what Monroe believes should encourage more females, like herself, to make a change in the industry.

“The industry is about networking. You have to really get out there and make a name for yourself,” Monroe said. Monroe hopes that her present progress pays off in the future.