Editor in Chief says farewell

It’s my time to say Adieu! The forces of nature have come to push me along life’s path, telling me I must face the inevitable. Well, put simply, I have decided to hang up my Courtbouillon hat. I have always worn many hats on this campus, but I have been most known for this one.

And so now I must sink into obscurity, not that it is anything I am capable of doing. I will always be a very active student on campus, but I am passing the mantle on. Since my first semester of my freshman year at Dillard, I have worked on this paper as a staff writer till my rise to editor in chief. It has been a roller coaster ride; one that a simple farewell cannot sum up. But those who were with me in the beginning in the trenches will know a little tale of an engine that could.

I feel proud that I was able to let the Courtbouillon toot its horn and pick up some passengers along the way, who I am sure, will keep the paper going strong. In May 2005, I will make my journey down the Avenue of the Oaks as a graduating senior of a bachelor’s degree in mass communications. And I am proud to be one graduate that can truly say that I have taken advantage of my opportunities here, and to the fullest.

Some students have begged me to stay on the newspaper until I graduated in May. But I will be honest; the paper can take a toll on your energy and your ability to explore other interests. I have but one semester to accomplish goals on campus I promised myself that I would.

Giving up leadership of the paper at this time, gives me a chance to explore professional interests in my field before I head on to graduate school. Any questions? come see me.

Hopefully I can resemble some normalcy and can be found sitting on the Avenue of the Oaks "just chilling." But then again for those who know me, I can never just simply be found doing absolutely nothing.I am a busybody, I will confess, with an addiction for being involved.

Thank you to Dr. Jinx Broussard, my advisor, for all her support of my leadership with the Courtbouillon. Thank you to Mrs. Shaniece Bickham, the Courtbouillon advisor, for all your guidance while I lead the paper. Thank you to all my professors for putting up with me when I was weary, because of the paper. Thanks to the editors, staff writers for allowing me to be your leader for a year now. And thanks to you the readers for being receptive of the Courtbouillon and of me. No man is indispensable, but I always strive to leave my mark wherever I am and in whatever I set out to do.

Shearon Roberts Courtbouillon Editor in Chief 2004