Hit, run, get away with it

Welcome to Dillard University, here you get a fine college education and your car totaled all in one day. On Nov.18, Arthur Arnolie, a sophomore criminal justice major was at the red light by Dillard’s east gate anticipating the light to turn green when a New Orleans civilian slammed into the front of his silver 2000 Buick.

"I was just chillin at the light trying to go to McDonald’s with some friends, then all I heard was screeching sounds, I saw a red car coming towards me. Next thing I knew, my car was spinning around like a rollercoaster," Arnolie said.

Arnolie claims to have minor pains to his back and legs. Along with Arnolie, four other students, Aaron Watley, Ashley Slaughter, Allison Moret, and Amber Vaughn-McGee were in the car.

Slaughter and Moret, both sophomore criminal justice majors, suffered from minor bruises. According to witnesses, the Dillard University officers tried to find the other driver and passenger of the unknown red car, but were unsuccessful.

"I saw the car hit us and I was so scared. Once the car finally stopped I was just worried if every one was safe or not," Moret said.

Aside from the shock, one victim did not forget about their initial destination, McDonald’s. "

I just heard the tires slide, I was more hungry than anything," Slaughter said. The students waited from 1:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. for the New Orleans Police Department to arrive on the scene of the accident and Watley, a sophomore criminal justice major, was not pleased.

"We have been waiting for a long time and I have seen a number of New Orleans police patrol cars and they have not stopped," Watley said. After the driver got out of the car and left, victims were suspicious. " I think the car was stolen because who just leaves their car in the middle of the street and not come back," said Vaughn-McGee, a sophomore international business/ Japanese major.

I saw one of the guys pull out a black duffle bag and they both started to run to the corner of New Orleans and Broad. Both cars were eventually towed later that night.