See these cubes; see these ice creams

Ice cream is supposed to melt in your mouth and not in your hands; but for Pharrell Williams, ice cream is melting in his hands and the kids love it. Williams, 30, is the latest hip-hop guru to turn fashion designer, along with his predecessors, P.Diddy, Jay-Z, and Baby.

The ice cream footwear collection is a partnership with Reebok and Williams. "I’ve always wanted to do more than music, and now I’ll be able to explore the world of fashion by designing my style of clothes and sneakers,’ William said in on

This exclusive eye candy can be purchased in many retail stores for $225 per pair. "The ice cream collection is everything sneaker enthusiast desire-it is fashionable, inspirational, and most of all it is limited," Williams said from the Reebok campaign.

Ricardo Rice, sophomore, from Mobile, Ala. expressed his feelings on the new footwear. "The only shoes that I purchased that were over $100 were the J’s and Pharrell is not Jordan." When asked how he came up with the name, Williams gave USA Today a creative explanation. "Ice cream refers to jewel of the mind and cream is the cash. Those are two things the run the world and we wanted to put it below the kids’ feet."

He has also launched his clothing line called Billionaire Boys Club. By day Williams is half of the Grammy-winning production team, the Neptunes and the band N.E.R.D. He and his partner Chad Hugo have worked with artist like Gwen Stafani, Justin Timberlake and Snoop Dogg.

Williams is going back into the studio to make what he calls "musical magic" with Justin Timberlake. He told USA Today, that he has something really secret coming out, but he can’t let the cat out the bag just yet. Williams was born on April 4, 1973 in Virginia Beach, Va. to the loving parents of Pharoah and Carolyn Williams.

He has had an ear for music and eye for new talent; now he has a taste for ice cream, I wonder what craving he will have next.