Can’t we all just get a meal?

The off-campus students of Dillard University have finally found a place that they can call home in between classes. This place is the entire first floor of Kearney Hall. The second floor is off limits. Only on campus students and off campus students with meal plans can charter this territory. Meanwhile, the hunger of non-meal plan students on the first floor builds.

Many off campus students come to school from various locations, and wherever they come from, whether it is from a friend’s house or work, they are very tired and hungry. What wakes you up better than some food in your system?

Larry Everage, a junior mass communication major from New Orleans said, "I grow very hungry at school, and it should be alright for me to use my friends’ identification card number to get me something to eat. All I am doing is taking their spot for a meal. I get fed and Dillard does not lose a dime."

Everage also commented, "It seems like management from Sodexho isn’t trying to get in touch with the needs of non-meal plan students."

According to Sodexho’s manager, Brenda Johnson, Sodexho’s policy is for the safety of the students.

"Sodexho is run in a way that keeps everyone safe. Students cannot use each other’s numbers because we have no way of telling if the person using the number stole the card," Johnson said. "Many times people have reported stolen cards to us." According to Johnson, the number of stolen cards reported is not available.

Johnson also addressed students’ concerns about not being able to take food from the cafeteria.

"The reason why food cannot be taken out of the cafeteria is because something could happen to the food during the span you take it out of the cafeteria. You could get food poisoning and Dillard is responsible," Johnson said.