Dillard University News in Brief

Ticket and Tow

Campus police are requiring all cars to have a parking decal in order to safely park on campus. The officers are ticketing and towing cars illegally parked on campus.

Officers ask that cars do not park on the grass, sidewalks or any restricted area, which include any areas designated for faculty and staff. Those areas include the stretch between Rosenwald and DUICEF.

Parking is also prohibited on the paved driveway behind Camphor and Hartzell dorms.

New Housing Requirements

Dillard is now requiring all students to pay their $300 housing fee before they can fill out the housing application. This year the university is using a lottery system to determine where students will reside. The housing fee deadline is Thursday, March 24 at 3 p.m.

Students who are not assigned housing at the end of the lottery drawing will be put on a waiting list until housing is made available.