I attend Dillard Penitentiary

Dillard has gone mad! The school has finally reached its point to where no one is satisfied. As we begin a new semester, we have been brought upon surprising cases that only stirs up one concerning question, "Say bruh, where’s my school?"My first semester here, I was told by upperclassmen that I was lucky to start off with the rules being quite different and a lot of stuff changing. Many said that Dillard used to be very strict but they have loosened up a bit. I was happy the way things were here because I felt like a college student-free. I have a funny feeling that the upper authority used the fall semester as a test to see if we freshpersons, being new students, could handle such a great advantage. It has been said that the class of 2008 is not so mature, but all in all, we are just trying to make the best of such a school. I feel like my freedom has been imprisoned because everything is too strict. The locking of the doors, the unnecessary fining, the visitation restrictions and so much more frustration has made Dillard University look as if it is a state penitentiary.Dillard has gone mad! I witnessed faces full of anger and confusion as I sat in a dorm meeting and listened to all the changes that have been made. Now, I see why the student body is constantly decreasing. Our voices are like whispers that are being ignored. The people who make this school a fascinating place are the students. Yeah, the professors and everyone else are interesting, but we are the ones who keep things going. But it seems like we cannot get all that we came here for. We have tried to compromise with some aspects of this school, but now it has all gone too far. Why must the doors be locked when security is supposedly all around watching? Are they really doing their job? We have lives outside of this campus that go on past 12 a.m. Now it seems like we have a curfew because we cannot get in the buildings. What really frustrates me the most is the visitation restrictions. What is so better about a Dillard student being able to come in the dorms and not a non-Dillard student? I understand that safety is an issue but just because someone attends this school does not make them safe. Why must one sit in the front lounge and entertain their company with board games and cable just because their ID was not bought here? As we all know, rules are made to be broken and things are just going to get worse. If we choose to break such petty rules and regulations, we are fined. We are fined for missing a meeting or parking too far from the curb. It is unnecessary to charge us for honest mistakes. It is bad enough that it seems like our tuition is wasted upon such fees.Dillard has gone mad, but I like being here. The people are great and the classes are interesting but it is time for us to smile everyday with each mile that we make toward being here. Maybe the upper authority is trying to teach us a lesson. Or maybe they could really care less about what we think is necessary to be on campus. Over all, the shackles need to be taken off, all guards let down and the smoke needs to clear so I can attend Dillard University again.