Local and National News in Brief

National News

An Attack Against Catholics

A book entitled "The Da Vinci Code," is causing a stir amongst Catholics and cardinal members.

The book has been label as being "anti- Catholic" prejudice. And make claims that Jesus may have married Mary of Magdalene and had offspring’s. Vatican members believe this is the latest form of Catholic prejudice.

In response to the accusations of prejudice, the book’s publisher, stated that the book only explore ideas that have circulated for centuries.


Local News

Discrimination in the South

The Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center, a non-profit organization that handles discriminatory housing complaints, receives an average of 50 to 100 complaints a week; it’s reported that at least 60 percent of the complaints are valid.

Accusations Surround District Attorney

Orleans Parish District Attorney Eddie Jordan faces allegations of racial discrimination. Jordan is in court because of a suit filed by dozens of employees who claim they were fired because they are Caucasian.