Work – a – holics: Students manage School and Jobs

Many college students work while attending school full-time, which can definitely be a hassle. Shanika Valcour, a sophomore pre-med major at Xavier University is a full time student who sells Avon in her spare time. "I have tried working at different jobs and it was extremely hard trying to fit studying in after the late nights at work," Valcour said. "I worked at French Riviera my freshman year, and at Old Navy in the fall. Neither of the jobs were interesting to me and I did not enjoy getting off after the store closed. The hours conflicted with my school schedule." According to Valcour, the hardest part of working and going to school was maintaining her grades while also performing and fulfilling her duties at work."With the amount of hours needed to put into school work and working, I was not fully committed and it was becoming stressful. Now, I have decided to sell Avon," said Valcour. "I think this might be better for me at the moment," Valcour said. Valcour added that she prefers Avon because she can determine her work hours. Jamie Staes, a sophomore at UNO, works at the post office in the packaging center. "I go to work from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. Monday through Friday, and after I get off from work I go straight to school for an 8 a.m. class," Staes said. Staes’ last class is at 2 p.m. and she sleeps thereafter to prepare for her night of work. "It is much harder than I thought it would be. I never have time to study during the week, and I don’t have a social life anymore," Staes said. "College is supposed to be fun and exciting, but lately it does not feel that way." Staes’ hectic schedule keeps her from participating in campus and social activities. "I never know anything that goes on on-campus," Staes said. “On the weekends, I do not even go out with friends or anything. That is the time I catch up on schoolwork.” Staes also added that she continues to work at the post office because the pay is good. There is no guarantee, according to Staes, that she would find a nice job that also pays well if she were to quit.