Ask Karmen 4/1/2005

Dear Karmen,

I am approaching my Junior year here at Dillard University. The boost in tuition for next semester has come to my attention. I have recently heard that some students move off campus because it is less expensive. After living in the dormitory for the last two years, I am wandering if I am ready to move off campus. What do you think?

Homeless Student


Dear Homeless Student,

The idea of moving from the security of on campus living can be intimidating. However at the same time, it can be a very liberating experience. It will truly make you an adult. Decisions that dorm life makes for you will be yours and yours alone to make. But please make sure that when you embark upon this adventure you make sure that you will be able to meet your financial obligations like, rent, utilities, phone, food etc. Because being a student is stressful enough without worrying about finances. It will prepare you for graduation whether you go straight to the workforce or on to graduate school.


Dear Karmen,

Well, Freshman year is coming to an end. I have had a great experience here at Dillard. I really concentrated on my studies but as I begin to think about my approaching Sophomore year. What sort of extracurricular activities are available to me?

Excited Sophomore


Dear Excited Sophomore,

There are many activities here at Dillard to get involved. One of course, is the newspaper, fraternities and sororities, clubs involving your major field of interest. Community service is an option and requirement for graduation. New Orleans is a city where there is always much to get involved in. Stay attentive and choose carefully.