Black males: are they taking over colleges or prisons

Many females attending Dillard University say there are not enough guys worth dating on campus, but with the study of recent statistics, it shows that there are more black males in prison than on most college campuses.According to the American Council on Education, the graduation rate of African American males is the lowest of any population.

Low expectations from society, a lack of male African American role models and a massive drop out rate of black men are believed to be some of the reasons why fewer black males are getting their diplomas.

In 1999, statistics showed that there were 757,000 black men in a federal, state or local penitentiary and 604,200 attending college. While Dillard has approximately a ratio of 1 to 26 males to every female attending the university, a few young ladies at Dillard feel as though the men in general should get there priorities in order.

Tressa Thomas, a sophomore history pre-law major from Baton Rouge, La. said “If black men in prison think that an educated woman who has been to college and graduate school will be out there waiting on them after they get out of prison, then they are sadly mistaken.” Although the prison system holds many of the young black men incarcerated, the females on campus want to know why some of the single guys available at Dillard are not worth dating.

Thomas believes a few of those guys are not worth dating because “It is in a man’s nature to want to be with more than one woman, because men are breeders, just like dogs, a male dog would never be with just one female dog forever.” Thomas feels as though black males tend to under estimate black women by thinking they can cheat on them and not treat them with the respect they deserve.

Many of the males on campus did not know why girls on campus viewed them with such low standards, but many believed that guys and girls were no different, and they both do the same trifling things.

One male student did give a little insight on why the selected males that are not in prison might cheat. “Brothers who do decide to cheat may have insecurities, because being that the father is now days absent from the home, we all do not understand what it is to be a respectable man, so we cheat, lie etcetera thinking that is conducive to our manhood,” said Sam Samuels, a junior social science major from Miami, Fla.

Today the male African American society has to be careful about the life decisions that they make for themselves, because they are not only hindering their futures, but also the trust of young African American women.