Celebrity faces tragedy


Celebrities are always thought to be carefree.  Even though many face the occasional court trial, but they usually win the cases or pay their way out of trouble. But, every now and then we are all reminded that celebrities are indeed humans.

            Rap icon, Nelly, recently lost his sister, Jackie Donahue, to leukemia. Since 2003, Jackie and Nelly campaign for people to join a national donor registry.  They made appearances on MTV, BET, The Morning Show and various other programs urging people to donate bone marrow in the name of their foundation, Jes Us 4 Jackie.

            Although, they were unable to find a donor to save Jackie?s life, they were able to increase the number of people who joined the donor registry.

            According to CEO of the National Marrow Donor Program, more than seventeen hundred people joined the national bone marrow registry due to the organization?s crusade.

            There is the need for more participation on the parts of African Americans. In a report released about Leukemia and African Americans, there are 3 million Caucasians donors, but only 1.2 million African Americans.

            In June, the Jes Us 4 Jackie organization has a planned bone marrow drive in St. Louis and other cities. If you are interested in finding a bone marrow drive nearest you, log onto www.jesus4jackie.com.

            For, additional information on leukemia or other diseases, students can contact Nurse Adrienne Gill in Student Health Services.