Christy Malbrew: Miss Dillard 2005

Hail Christy Rose Malbrew. The 2005-06 school year marks the reign of a new Miss Dillard and a new platform; reflecting a legacy of service through individual and community enhancement.

Malbrew was elected Miss Dillard University after extensive campaigning and speeches in which she incorporated her "promoting individual and community enhancement" theme time and time again.

"I believe that in order for us to do an efficient job of uplifting our community, we must first uplift ourselves," Malbrew said. "I would like to help Dillard students reach their full self-potential." Malbrew’s campaign, which included makeovers from Mary Kay, the passing out of fruits and the handing out of scriptures were just a taste of what the upcoming school year will foster.

"I will coordinate different forums and events that will enhance students physically, mentally, and spiritually," Malbrew said. "These events include: health seminars, exercise nights, cooking classes, discussions on majors and careers, standardized test preparation, spiritual gift seminars, group worship services and social outings.

"Malbrew would also like to continue the service tradition of the previous Miss Dillards. "To accomplish this goal, I will organize a multitude of community service activities. These activities will include: canned food drives, donating baskets to needy families for the holidays, walk-a-thons, clean-up projects, and tutoring services," Malbrew said.

Although most students really got a chance to see Malbrew’s track record during the campaign, her dedication and hard work had already proven her to be capable of the prestigious honor to close classmates. Malbrew’s position as junior class vice- president, an outstanding GPA, peer orientation leader, membership in several clubs and organizations, and a host of volunteer activities led to her nomination.

"As junior class vice- president, I got to see how things are run from the inside," Malbrew said. "I got involved in activities around campus as well as around the New Orleans community. I started thinking I could help bridge the gap between Dillard and the community and motivate and enhance students. My goal is that Dillard students leave with a degree and self awareness," she said.

Malbrew, a public health major from Baton Rouge, La said she is proud to be following Morjoriee [White], the current Miss Dillard. "I think she has done an excellent job. She has reigned with dedication, hard work, and a good heart. She’s embodied what a Miss Dillard should be," Malbrew said. She plans to reflect this legacy through her own platform, set to begin fall 2005.