Dillard women address AIDS epidemic

With the bestselling novels, The Down Low, and Invisible Life, being released last year, the unveiled secret sex world of black men who have sex with other men while dating women, has forced black women to stay on guard and be very suspicious of the men they sleep with. This growing phenomenon of "under cover brothas" has been accredited as a major factor in why black women have been contracting AIDS at an alarming rate in the United States, the African Continent, and Caribbean Islands in the past ten years."Black women locally and nationally are infected with HIV and full-blown AIDS in numbers that are disproportionate to their demographics. Internationally, the disease has reached epidemic proportions among women in Africa and other developing countries," says Ervin Dyer of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Dyer was referring to women like Clarisse Jordan, who is just one of many cases where black women between the ages of 22 and 44 that are infected by unprotected sex. The 34-year-old contracted AIDS by having unprotected heterosexual sex and has been living with it for 16 years. "Nothing will keep a woman safe except herself," Dyer said.Considering the fact that black women make up more than half of Dillard’s population, it was appropriate for them to voice their opinions on how subjects like the ‘down low,’ infidelity, drugs, and alcohol are contributing to the death of black women."Why do you think black women are getting AIDS the most?" Ashley Carmichael answered with "It’s these scandalous men." The freshman business major later explained herself saying that black women should treat all men as bisexuals since Dillard has so many gay people. "I am not playing with these niggas, I refuse to become one of those sistas on those BET documentaries, I will be damned if that happens to me, I will always use a condom."Kelly Richardson, a junior from Mobile, Ala. offered a different view to the issue saying that the reason black women are dying of AIDS is because they are not looking out for themselves. "A lot of these women need to realize that no one will look out for themselves but them so they need to do a background check before they open their legs." Although most people would beg to differ on Richardson’s opinion there are some individuals who think that black women should not consider themselves victims but fowls.Another reason why black women have been contracting the AIDS virus is the casual sex behavior that takes place on many college campuses like Dillard. Sophomore Ashanti Jackson referred back to the incident that occurred at the University of Wisconsin a few years ago where a heterosexual black male was charged with manslaughter for purposely infecting over 83 female students. The young man, who was a popular basketball player and a hit with the ladies, was bitter that he had the disease and wanted everyone else to suffer along with him. Students who want to get checked for HIV should go to Student Health Services on Wednesdays from 12-12:30 p.m., where Camp Ace will be administrating free AIDS test, minus the needle.