Musical message in Lawless chapel

It was no traditional chapel assembly Tuesday, March 22, as Jubilee Scholars were able to experience "Message in the Middle" like no other with special musical guests. "I thought it was excellent, I thoroughly enjoyed it," said Kayla Harris, freshman history major. Just when the fun appeared to be over, Edwin Burks on Saxophone, Randy Carstater on trumpet, Herbert Stevens on trombone and Shamar Allen on fugal horn came marching down the sanctuary middle aisle playing the instrumental to "Brighter Day" by Kirk Franklin as the guest band played along. The audience went crazy. "I really liked it, it was the first time I actually enjoyed chapel," said Derrick Anderson, freshman biology pre-med major. Another student commented that it was finally something different that got the students involved. Kelvin L. Haynes, freshman class chaplain, started the service off witfeel no ways tired" by James Cleveland. An invocation was given by the Dillard University Chaplin Rev. Gail E. Bowman, which ignited true resonance and inspiration to freshman students. The topic was, "The Journey is Seen, But the Road is Not" speaking from the book of Hebrews 10:35-36, 39, and 11:1a. "It gets people that have class at noon on Wednesdays a chance to experience Message in the Middle," said Courtney Williams, freshman speech communication/ theater arts major from Jackson, Miss.The Jubilee Scholars have had several special guests this school year. Another notable local musical guest Irvin Mayfield has made several appearances, recently giving every student present a free copy of his compilation CD "How Passion Falls." Mayfield is known not only in the New Orleans parish area, but around the United States and various other countries such as Trinidad, Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba, and Brazil, just to name a few. The class of 2008 was not prepared for that particular chapel service, however, students said it was definitely a nice surprise. "It was certainly better than regular chapel," said Chanel Smith, a freshman criminal justice major from Sacramento, Calif. As this semester rapidly comes to an end, these are certainly times the Jubilee Scholars will never forget.