Post graduation strategic movement

Thanks to Donald Trump, two of the more popular words in today’s culture are "You’re fired." But as Commencement ceremonies near, the two words many graduating college students are still waiting to hear are "You’re hired." How does one get from the head of the class to some company’s payroll? By executing a multifaceted strategic plan that even "The Donald" would admire: a top-notch resume, research, networking, and interviewing- and having a Plan B should all that fail. According to the US magazines, here a few pointers one should follow in order to obtain that most desire job.1. Be specific in your job description2. Don’t forget to put contact information on your resume3. Join a professional organization in your field to make contacts4. Relax and be persistentGraduation time can be a fun and exciting experience, but it can also bring on anxiety, due to the unknown. Many students go on to graduate school, but most go on to become one of the working class. Since school has been a consistent variable in many lives, the idea of not attending school can be a little hard to believe. Crystal Beverly, a recent Dillard University graduate, recalls the frustration with trying to apply to law school and find a job. "School was my life and having to go to work instead of classes was definitely something I had to get use to."Beverly, who is 23, recently landed a position with a law firm and awaiting acceptance letters to graduate schools, advises job seekers to be assertive. "When you send out your resume, don’t just wait for a response. Call the company and ask for an interview. After one interview, call the company and ask for a second interview. Don’t wait for the company to contact you." In addition, one never knows where he or she will find information about a job. Talk to family and friends, parents, professors, school’s alumni and Career Services located in the Cook Center, for helpful suggestions.