DU: A campus buried alive

Close your eyes. Imagine yourself attending a college that satisfies your every desire. The academics are at its best, the sports are extraordinary, and the campus life is non-stop.

You can’t help but to represent your school proudly because not once has it disappointed you. It hasn’t thus far, and if it ever does, surely some event will make up for it. To your satisfaction, college is everything that you thought it would be. You’re living your life with a smile.

Now, slowly open your eyes and awaken from your fairytale.

Welcome back to the reality of attending Dillard University, where everyday is a replica of the previous one. From day to day, students constantly await something or someone to spark a fire full of activities.

At Dillard, campus life is not what it should be. The most excitement that occurs on the avenue of the oaks is the constant laughter that arises after squirrels are seen running around franticly.

Kabacoff Quadrangle sits alone in great anticipation waiting for students to occupy its space with activity. Whenever events do occur, they are so unexpected and out of the norm, that few people know about it.

Dillard has reached a point where nothing connects to anything. What really makes campus life so dead are the corpses that walk among the campus.

Mass communication sophomore Marcus Edwards said, “Campus life is good, but it could be better if more people would just get involved.”

The students are the ones who bring a school together but participation doesn’t seem to fall into their vocabulary.

Some Blue Devils do manage though, to come out of their busy schedules and participate in the activities that are available. Yet many of the people who complain about this university being boring are the same ones who refuse to involve themselves in any way possible.

There are enough students here to make Dillard a “what’s happening” school. Many find ways outside of the school to enjoy their time in college.

“There is nothing for on-campus students to do unless they hop on a shuttle and go to a club,” said freshman Christina Adams. If it weren’t for the many clubs that surround Dillard and the excitement of New Orleans, more than campus life would be dead.

While Dillard is known for its great academics and programs, other schools create the atmosphere that students are looking for. Our very own rival school, Xavier University, is one of the many schools that the Blue Devils go to for comfort and a well-developed campus-life.

“Sometimes I forget that I’m actually in college because the feeling of being a college student doesn’t live in me,” said freshman Craig Anderson.

So what kind of life do Dillard students want to live? When desperate times call for desperate measures, students on the campus live the life they wish was given to them.

Senior Courtney Heard said, “Dillard University is a different type of HBCU. The way today’s students see and want the campus They should take this school for what it is, make it better, or just leave it.”