Ask Karmen 4/25

Dear Karmen,

My boyfriend whom I have dated for almost two years has been acting very strange lately. Although we are involved in a long distance relationship, I do not understand why he has neglected to either call me on his own, or return mine. I believe that I have been very patient, understanding, and trusting toward him, but my patience is growing very thin. Please tell me what I should do.

Almost Divorced


Dear Almost Divorced,

In this situation one’s immediate reaction is to be upset. However, because you do not actually know what is going on in your boyfriend’s life at the moment it is tough to assess. My advice is to, instead of act out in anger, continue to call and attempt to find out what is going on with him. In the event that most of your calls go unnoticed, it may be time for you to move on. You must keep in mind the fact that, regardless to what his circumstances may be, he owes you the common courtesy of explaining his situation. In the mean time, keep your head up girl!!!


Dear Karmen,

I was selected for an internship that my friend and I applied for together. A few days ago, the company called and told her that she was not accepted. Her feelings were really hurt and she vented to me. Since I had not yet received a phonecall, we both figured that I had not been selected either. However, now they have called and notified me of my acceptance, and I am hesitant about telling her, because I am afraid of hurting her feelings even more. How do I handle this situation?

Chosen One


Dear Chosen One,

The fact that you were selected for the position and your friend was not is not your fault. Although your friend’s feelings may be somewhat hurt, she will eventually be happy for you if she is indeed a real friend. Your efforts in assisting her throughout the process of applying for the internship show that you were humble about the situation. Remember to encourage her and continue offering your help to her as she seeks other opportunities.