Campus life needs a rebirth according to students

As the school year ends, students feel that it is time for Dillard to make plenty of necessary changes for the upcoming year.

According to Launa Mays, a sophomore biology pre-pharmacy major from Houston, Texas and Ashleigh Turner, a sophomore sociology/social work major also from Houston, Texas, Dillard should begin with the Department of Student Affairs.

“The activities are weak; the activities in high school were better than these lame events,” said Mays and Turner. “Why is there an activity fee,” they added.Another student, Senitra McCombs, a sophomore mass communication major from Washington D.C., feels totally different.

According to McCombs, the first change should be in housing, such as new carpeting, new showers, and a better kitchen area on each floor of the dorms. “The showers are broken and filthy,” McCombs said.

McCombs also said the library needs some improvement.”The library needs to have more updated books and research material to help students study in general and do their school work,” said McCombs.On the other hand, Dillard needs to change as a whole, according to Tamika White, a sophomore sociology/social work major from Houston, Texas.

“I feel that the following changes should be highly reconsidered for improvement: housing, campus life, campus involvement of student body, campus security, and accreditation of the divisions because all of these categories affect each and every student personally, socially, and academically,” White said.

Students plan to go to the Student Government Association with all questions and comments to help make the next school year more successful.