Dillard showcases senior talent

Horace Pippin, Pablo Picasso and Leonardo da Vinci have been said to be among the greatest; Dillard University’s Alfredo Ott, Ebony Bolden and Emmanuel Jones are also working toward one day sharing that same title.Recently, these three senior art majors opened their artwork to the public, family and friends.

Each artist put a few pieces in the exhibit that will be sold at the artist’s discretion.Ott, a native of New Orleans, said he has been drawing ever since he could remember and he recalls his grandfather being an artist. Ott also stated that he always wanted to recreate his grandfather’s artwork through his own creations.

Otts’s favorite piece happens to be the portrait named “Buttes Chaumont 3,” which is a picture painted with acrylic paint on a canvas. The “Buttes Chaumont 3” is a portrait of a young man sitting under an exquisite architectural monument with his head down. Ott said, “The ‘Buttes Chaumont 3’ is my favorite piece because of the vibrant colors, details and contrast portrayed in the painting.”

Many of Ott’s other paintings, along with the “Buttes Chaumont 3,” are all inspired by his five-week expedition to Paris last summer. Ott mentioned that while studying abroad in Paris, he took an art class and was able to bring back new techniques he learned.

Jones, who is also a New Orleans native, said, “New Orleans is the inspiration behind my art work in this series because I have lived here all my life, and I have incorporated the good as well as the bad side of New Orleans.” Jones said he has been drawing all his life, but it did not come on his own. “Drawing is a gift from God and if you don’t use your gift then God will take it away.”

This is the reason Jones chose to pursue visual arts as his major instead of pursuing a career in medicine, which he said he would have done if he were not an artist.Jones had many pieces in the art gallery but his favorite is “So Much That Meets the Eye,” which is picture of a detailed kitchen. The artist used charcoal on canvas to create the complete composition.Jones explained that “So Much That Meets the Eye” is his favorite piece because “it symbolizes New Orleans, people think New Orleans is all just about parties, but they do not understand how culturally grounded it is,” Jones said.

Jones also mentioned that he plans to become even more experienced in art and down the road he plans to become an art professor. “I’m trying to get to the point where I can focus on art primarily, not as a job but for the enjoyment of drawing,” Jones said.Bolden, a native of St. Rose, La., also displayed her artistic talent with her favorite piece titled “Untitled”.

Bolden’s series consisted of many abstract pieces and “Untitled” was created with mixed media.Bolden said “Untitled” was her favorite piece because it shows the evolution of art behind her series.Bolden said “I have been drawing ever since I picked up my first pencil” and will continue to draw in the future.

Bolden’s future plans are to start an online art gallery for college students to get them the exposure they need. She also wants to someday open a non profit organization in the urban community for children who would otherwise become victims of the system.These young artists are blessed with the talent to draw, which they said has been an important element throughout their lives.