Matching honor, potential to be the best

Looking forward to being undefeated next year and ready for anything, Senaie Mehari, is confident in accomplishing his goals as a tennis player and a student. “Tennis is a very different game compared to other sports and for some reason, I really enjoy playing it,” said Mehari, a freshman from Oakland, Calif.As an adolescent, Mehari’s father put him in a youth tennis center in order for him to stay out of trouble. But of all sports, why tennis? “Tennis keeps me calm and collect unlike football and basketball, those sports makes me really rowdy,” Mehari said. Although tennis is his game, it has not always been something he felt comfortable playing. Since tennis is not a predominantly black sport, Mehari felt out of place. “It wasn’t until my coach began to bring more black people from my community to play, that I began to accept this game,” Mehari said. Transferring from Foothill Junior College, Mehari received a tennis scholarship to attend Dillard University and become a Blue Devil. “The team is cool and I enjoy practicing with them,” Mehari said. Under his coach’s supervision, Mehari said he concentrates better and plays better. “Coach is fun and he inspires me to do better.” During matches, Mehari is number two on the team and number one in doubles. In his spare time, he enjoys playing video games and hanging out with his friends.