Spring concert: Nothing less than wonderful

“The Dillard University Concert Choir is known from Maine to Spain, Nebraska to Alaska and from Austin to Boston. The choir is nothing to be played with,” said Lloyd Ross, a sophomore public health and physical therapy major.

The choir showcased its hard work and talent Sunday night for its 69th Annual Spring Concert. S. Carver Davenport, the director, and the choir have been practicing everyday and traveling throughout the semester, while over 75 percent of the choir maintains a 3.0 or higher GPA. “This is my second year in the choir and I feel it is a good experience to have. It takes a lot of work and sometimes you get discouraged but overall when it is all said and done you are pleased,” said Lillian Gabriel, a sophomore business management and music major.

As Sunday night’s performance grew closer, many of the members were overwhelmed with anticipation and excitement. “I think the concert will be a delightful spectacle. The audience will greatly enjoy the quality that we and Mr. Davenport have worked so hard for. The concert will be electrifying, energetic and charming,” said Angela Woods, a junior mass communication major.

The men were dressed in black tuxedos while the women began in all black gowns and later changed into two-piece black and silver dresses.”I hope that the audience is pleasantly surprised at the polished cultivation of music that we deliver,” said Justin Ellis, a freshman business management major.

The audience was astounded not only by the entire concert, but by one song in particular. “I was taken aback when the choir performed Hehlehlooyuh. It seemed as if they sang it effortlessly,” said William Patterson, an audience member.

Hehlehlooyuh was composed by the late James Furman. The lyrics consist of only one word which intertwined the voices of the six different vocal parts of the choir.

“The performance was technically improved because of our ability to sing in a sanctuary that we have been singing in for a number of performances and practices. The acoustics are second to none. Dillard is loved by all and we were able to sing in front of people that were close to us,” said Davenport.

Although the choir has finished its touring season and performed its last home concert of the year, the choir will conclude their season with three more performances over the next few weeks including the Baccalaureate and commencement ceremonies.