Quality Dining Post Katrina

With 300 percent more patrons then last years Mardi Gras season, Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant, still manages to offer full restaurant services and an unrevised menu along with regular hours of operation despite the set back of Hurricane Katrina.

“The restaurant sustained about $400,000 in damaged equipment, food and products due to looting, wind and water damage” said John John Burgess, General Manager.

Gordon Biersch reopened its doors January 23 understaffed and unsure of what the future would hold for it but certain to create an atmosphere which would let its customers know that New Orleans would rebuild again.


“I lost a large percentage of my staff, but the ones that I do have, are very dedicated.  It breaks my heart because most of my workers work 7 day 14 hour shifts.  The pay is great and as an incentive I offer great pay along with employee of the month awards with a bonus of cash prizes and paid trips,” said Burgess.


The restaurant is still taking applications and looking for qualified works for the positions of cooks, hosts, waiters and waitresses.  Burgess tries to create a family like atmosphere with all of his employees stating that his staff is the most valuable entity of the restaurant. 


“New Orleans is a 90 percent service industry, and the workers are the heart and soul of the city. Many people want to come back but the cost of housing is so high making that want impossible,” said Burgess.


Gordon Biersch is known for its signature garlic fries which are not only served in the restaurant but in airports and baseball concession stands as well.  Burgess stated the most popular dish is the Cajun Fettuccini which was originally called Louisiana Fettuccini and a New Orleans original and the famous Bread pudding which is a southern recipe.  


“We are also famously known for our award winning beer.  We use the Reinheitsgebot, the German Purity Law, to properly brew our beer,” says Burgess.


Reinheitsgebot dates back to 1516 which says beer can only be made with 3 ingredients, barley, hops, and water.  Yeast was later added as the fourth ingredient.  The Vienna Lager received the 2002 Bronze Medal in the World Deer Cup and in 2004 won the Silver Medal.  It was the Czech Lager which brought home to Gold Medal in 2004 for the Great American Beer Festival.


“Many people confuse Lagers and Ales.  Ales are made from top fermenting yeast and can be made over night, whereas Lagers use bottom fermenting yeasts and are stored for about five weeks after brewing.  We send all of our beers to labs to be testing to make sure they are pure and free of any toxins or chemicals.  If this should happen when use a thorough process of cleaning and purifying our machinery and through all contaminated beers away,” said Burgess. 


Although the restaurant brews all of its beer in the restaurant, that is not the only fresh item on the menu.   


“None of our food is warmed out of boxes.  We still prep and cook all of our food and we import fresh fish as well as make our own sauces from scratch,” said Burgess.


Gordon Biersch prides its self on its beer, unique and tasteful menu, the cleanliness of the restaurant and its welcoming atmosphere.

“We don’t fit the mold of most traditional breweries, Gordon Biersch is a casual upscale restaurant that accepts all walks of life,” said Burgess.