And the Winner is…

Nagin’s mayoral victory comforts the wishes of many. Nagin’s 52% win over Landrieu clarifies his current support.


The mayor’s victory party was filled with enthusiastic supporters who continuously chanted “four more years, four more years!” Nagin followers traveled from such places as Atlanta and Houston to vote and take part in the big win.


Couple Vivian and Ronald Mays who now live in Houston, TX were very satisfied with the voter turnout. According to the Mays, Nagin “came to Houston. [Displaced] people did everything they could to vote.”


Displaced voters were very supportive in Nagin’s campaign. Cherina Thomas who also resides in Houston, believes there was “strong Nagin support in Houston.” Ronald Mays believes Nagin will “get us back to where we need to be”.


Supporters are satisfied with the mayor’s performance and agree with his standings. “Nagin is doing a great job. He should not be judged on Katrina,” said Thomas. 


Mel Favorite of New Orleans supports Nagin because “of his views and thinking. [He] is in touch with the future and people of all creeds and culture.” Favorite is among the many fans who believe that Nagin’s re-election is crucial for the rebuilding of New Orleans. “Nagin’s re-elect is crucial because of what he was doing before Katrina, during and after. He can relate to all levels,” claims Favorite.


Nagin illustrated a positive outlook for the future of the city. “Election is over and it is time for the city to start the healing process,” said Nagin. As for all the conflicts that have been sprouting over the months Nagin feels it is “time to stop bickering. It is time to stop measuring things in black and white. It is time to move on as one New Orleans.”


Nagin assures his supporters and fellow colleagues that he has his “hand out reaching for partnerships. It is time to come together in true partnership.”


The city’s next four years are unpredictable. There are a plentiful amount of tasks in store for the re-elected official. His vision for the future seems to be one that entails strong partnership, abundant resources, and unified community effort. This post-Katrina term will be challenging for the leader, but supporters are assured that Nagin will get the job done.