Division of Social Sciences geared for change

Dillard University has made several transitions as a result of Hurricane Katrina, and the Division of Social Sciences has also had to overcome the setbacks of Hurricane Katrina.

With its temporary location at the Hilton Riverside, the University made provisions for its students and faculty, but the Hilton environment is still a challenge for the Dillard family. 

Dr. Marshall Stevenson, Jr., Dean of the Division of Social Sciences, said, “The biggest transition for the division has been adapting to the new environment.” He said that the arrangement of classrooms, offices, and all equipment that had to be transported  was a difficult adjustment but manageable.

Other challenges ensued, according to Stevenson. Because of the reduction in the university’s budget, the Division of Social Sciences like many other divisions, faced downsizing of its faculty. This post Katrina reality has put a strain on the teaching staff, Stevenson said.

About 80 percent of the division’s students returned for the spring terms, according to Stevenson.

He added that he and his divisional staff, just like any other division, need to know where they are going for the upcoming semesters. Replacing faculty and adjusting to students leaving are key factors in the reconstructing of the Division of Social Sciences, according to Dr. Stevenson. He also said that “stabilizing ourselves,” and “re-establishing faculty base,” are factors to aide in the rebuilding of the division.