Facebook Spotlight

“Today’s Tuesday you know what that means-we’re probably eating Mexican or barbeque tonight.”


A dry sarcastic message from “The Food Inspector,” is usual for members of Facebook group, I Spend Too Much Money on Food at Kabby’s Popeyes, etc. Junior Mass Communications major, Larry Everage Jr., aka “The Food Inspector,” created the group in February.


 ”I wanted to keep the people informed about what was going on with the food,” said Everage. “People were complaining about how bad the food was.” When asked why he started the group Larry added that, “the members need to know whether or not they need to waste their time and money on the food in the Blue Devil Cafe.


  Everage said that he is tired of spending his money on food outside the Blue Devil Cafe. “I go to Harrah’s at least twice a week,” said Everage. He also said, “With Sodexo we had variety.” Other frequent choices of dining for Larry are Wendy’s and Raising Cane’s.


 Larry Everage is also an administrator for Facebook groups: I Got Blown By Katrina and Rita, The Kearny Hall Click, and Blaq Discussions-..What Black Men and Women Really Want To Say To Each Other!, where he holds the title, “Da Goodman.”