Miss Dillard & SGA President give words of encouragement to seniors

“No matter what tests and trials may come our way we can still overcome and move forward,” said Miss Dillard, Christy Malbrew, a graduating Public Health major from Baton Rouge, LA.


Graduating seniors of 2006 were placed in makeshift situations as a result of Hurricane Katrina. Many (seniors) attended other academic institutions during the fall semester despite the frustration, anxiety, and depression that brewed from Katrina.


DillardUniversity‘s administration decided that for the spring term school would reside and mostly operate in the Hilton Riverside Hotel in downtown New Orleans, Louisiana. Dillard’s administration also decided to host two spring sessions that would in turn allow students to complete a full school year of coursework.


Miss Dillard, Christy Malbrew, said that the decision enabled students to get in the same classes they had once before, take lighter coursework, and also add classes within students’ intended fields.


Student Government Association President, Cortez Watkins, a Physics major from Memphis, Tenn., said that the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina made it difficult to apply for graduate programs that he was interested in. Watkins also said that he missed deadlines and could not find professors to write recommendations for him.


“The administration’s decision to have two spring sessions offered students the opportunity to maintain and stay on track with graduation,” said Watkins. Watkins also said that the decision allowed other students to graduate early and get ahead in their coursework.


Christy Malbrew and Cortez Watkins used encouraging words such as confidence, courage, patience, and strength, as a means of advice to the graduating class of 2006.

“In college we go through a series of tests,” said Christy Malbrew. Malbrew added, “Hurricane Katrina was one of the greatest tests. Our class is a very strong class.”


Cortez Watkins recited this quote, “The best way to find contentment regardless of life’s circumstances is to possess a confidence level that doesn’t let u settle for not being able to conquer the unknown.”


Miss Dillard will be receiving a Bachelor’s of Science in Health Sciences and plans to pursue a Doctorate of Physical Therapy at the University of Southern California upon graduating from Dillard.


Cortez Watkins will be receiving a Bachelor’s of Science in Physics and plans on pursuing a degree in engineering.


A majestic procession of black gowns justly earned, black caps with tassels blowing in the summer breeze, and stoles gleaming with embroidery of academic excellence and student organizations, will be the scenery on July 1st, 2006.


Amidst the spacious un-furrowed green known as DillardUniversity‘s Avenue of the Oaks, is where the 2006 commencement exercises are set for on June 30, 2006 and July 1, 2006.


Despite Hurricane Katrina, DillardUniversity‘s graduating class of 2006 will be a class that will never be forgotten for its perseverance and strength. Graduation 2006 will be memorable not only to family, friends, and faculty, but to the seniors that made it through one of life’s storms.