New college social gatherings throughout New Orleans

Besides sitting around at the Hilton on the weekends, many Dillard students have opted to attend social gatherings throughout the city of New Orleans.

            Sip, a wine market located on Magazine Street, has an incredible atmosphere that many of the students feel that they need at the end of the week. “Every Wednesday night my friends and I come to this small little club to engage in conversation with Xavier students and just enjoy music,” said Laurel Richardson.  The purpose of Sip is for college students to be introduced to different types of wine. People can purchase a bottle of wine for ten dollars and sit outside and begin to meet and greet. “I would have never thought that I would be outside sipping wine and engaging in in-depth conversations with individuals I don’t know,” said Katrina Sims.

            If one isn’t interested in wine they can head to Rotello’s on Decatur Friday nights to eat Italian food and enjoy great jazz music. This is where you can find students all throughout New Orleans enjoying pizza and the atmosphere. There is a 10 dollar cover charge but it’s actually worth it according to Chere’l Barrett. “Despite the fact that many of students eating at Rotello’s are from Xavier this gives many students from Dillard a chance to gain a network system for the future.” “I like the atmosphere of Sip and Rotello’s but honestly I can say that Rotello’s has more relaxed feel,” said Katrina Sims.

             With the semester coming to an end, you find many Dillard students enjoying their past time heading out to social gatherings throughout the city.