Go Blue Devils!!!


Volleyball season has come and gone, and now basketball season is in full swing; it is another year in Dillard University sports. With Dillard having two sports being played this year, many outsiders may think that there is school spirit amongst the student population. However, is there such a thing called school spirit this year?

With Dillard’s gym out of service until early January, home basketball games are being held at Delgado Community College. The volleyball home games were held at St. Martian’s Episcopal School.

This could be one of the many factors which contributed to why many people have not been showing up in the stands. “Even though I drive practically everyday, there are many times that I don’t feel like driving,” stated Crystal Thomas, a senior computer science major. “I miss the times where I could walk into Dent, sit in the bleachers and enjoy a basketball game on my campus,” she continued.

Another factor could be that people were unaware of the games, despite the fact that there were signs posted in almost every building on campus. “I remember one sign for one game posted in Kearny,” said Jourdan Fleming, a junior psychology major, “if they wanted people to come to their games they should have promoted more,” he continued.

 The basketball seasons for both the girls and the boys have just started. The boy’s basketball team lost their first game against Auburn Montgomery but won the homecoming game against Houston Baptist University. The girl’s basketball team lost their first two home games of the season.

However, some people feel that if the students did not really come out to support the volleyball team it is going to be the same result for the basketball teams: empty seats in the bleachers.

            Charmien Brown, a senior nursing major said, “The volleyball team was amazing each game, more people should have came out to support them. School sprit is only what you make of it.”

             There is still time to come out to support the basketball teams. Signs are posted everywhere to promote each game. Watch out for them, and come out to cheer the teams on. GO BLUE DEVILS!!!!