A Letter from your editor

To my Lovely DU,

It is with much excitement that I am writing you for the first time since Hurricane Katrina. Our journey has been a long and strenuous one but we are all the stronger because of it. If Katrina taught us nothing, let it be to value the little things and always be thankful for the people and relationships in our lives. My grandmother always says, “Simple pleasures are the best.” I really didn’t appreciate her knowledgeable words until after the tragedy and displacement caused by the hurricane.

I can honestly say that I have missed the Courtbouillon, Yeah! We have been posting stories online, but there is something about the hard copy of the paper that reminds me and allows me to reminisce about my college years, especially as they come to an end. I still have copies of the Courtbouillon from my freshmen year. And let’s not forget about the edgy stories I have read over the years.

As a member of the Courtbouillon staff and the editor in chief I hope that the return of the newspaper is well received and exceeds your expectations. The purpose of the Courtbouillon is to serve as the voice of the student body. It is not only for mass communication majors but an avenue for all of Dillard to express themselves. We would love to hear from YOU!!!! Feel free to submit your suggestions, cares or concerns to the staff. Expect great things because… there is more to come!!!

Your Editor-in-Chief,

Breanna D. Turnley