New Hires

Dillard University students, faculty and staff are proud to welcome the new faces that have been added to the Blue Devil family. Creating a better and stronger environment within the school, old positions have been filled and new positions have been introduced.

The new Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Emily L. Moore, has much experience and is well-known for her motivation and service within other institutions. Recently serving as a faculty member and senior academic administrator, Dr. Moore will add to the success of Dillard through academic affairs. She said she is energetic about working with faculty, staff and students toward the completion of the vision for a New Dillard.

Our new Vice President for Business and Finance is now Elard J. Phillips. He has worked as an associate vice president for business and finance at Tuskegee University and has carried much experience from the Smithsonian Institute. He also served as a faculty member at West Virginia State University. Phillips has come to Dillard to assist with audits and serve as a consultant. “E.J” Phillips is the name by which he is known and usually goes by.

Recently serving as Senior Vice President for Academic and Students Affairs at the Louisiana Community and Technical College Systems, Dr. Toya Barnes-Teamer will uphold a new position. As it is also the first known position at Dillard, Dr. Barnes-Teamer was appointed the Vice President for Student Success. The position will uphold the commitment to underscoring the success of the school’s experience from recruitment, enrollment, retention, graduation and beyond. Dr. Barnes-Teamer’s new arrangement will form a clear path for the vision of the New Dillard.

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome. We are proud and thankful to have you all as we endure yet another semester. We only expect the best from the best. Good luck!!!