The beer company, Seagram’s Gin, will be sponsoring a hip-hop tour this spring to help

Hurricane Katrina victims in New Orleans.

” Seagram’s Live” is a concert tour that has been donating a portion of their proceeds

towards job training, housing, and adult education programs since 1998.

The Seagram’s Live tour will be an eleven city tour that will be from April 7th to April


According to, the tour will make stops in Memphis, New Orleans,

Atlanta, Birmingham, Jackson, Detroit, Washington D.C., New York, Fort Bragg, Tampa and

Miami. The funds from this year’s tour will be donated to New Orleans to help rebuild

the communities.

There are many Dillard students that think the Seagram’s Gin tour will have a positive

impact in New Orleans.

” This tour will have a positive effect on the city by giving entertainers and the Seagram

Gin’s executives a chance to see how the city is not back to normal and how most of the

businesses are still not open in certain areas,” said Terrence Blanchard, a sophomore music

business major from New Orleans, La.

” I think the Seagram’s Gin tour will help improve the rebuilding of the houses in the 9th

ward and may provide expansions of business that will make jobs available for the youth,” said

Kevin Hagan, a senior public health major from New Orleans, La.

There were also some students that were surprised that Seagram’s Gin would try to help

New Orleans.

” I ‘m actually surprised that Seagram’s gin is sponsoring such a constructive series of

events. I do believe that the services that will be available will make a positive effect to this city

from all angles in terms of what goes into the rebuilding process for our city, considering the

damage done,” said Amy Thomas, a sophomore public health major from New Orleans, La.

Seagram’s Gin usually have multi-platinum selling music artists that headline their tour

every year.

The Virginia platinum selling rap duo, The Clipse, are scheduled to headline this year’s