The Rival Conspiracy

Picture this: the rivalry game of the year, you get your hair done, you got on your bomb fresh fit, you bought a ticket, you stand outside in the cold AND rain, but you can’t get in! This is what happened to many Dillard University students including myself. Worse, the Courtbouillon sports editor, and I suppose to cover the game as a news story for the university newspaper, still, we were unable to get in because Dillard did not provide a press pass for the newspaper staff. Absurd! Once again Dillard has failed. V.I.P. lists were made, pre-sale tickets were sold, yet, how is it that mostly Dillard students were unable to attend such a big event? The Greeks couldn’t even get in. They probably wouldn’t have let president Marvalene Hughes in either.

The girls’ basketball team started playing at 5:30p.m., however, by 3 the gym was half way filled with students from Xavier! Xavier constantly stated that they had no more tickets to sell but random people consistently walked up, bought tickets, and were able to get in. They weren’t even college students! Maybe it was a conspiracy. Get out of here! What I don’t understand is, if they knew this was going to be a big game, why did they not have the game at a larger location? I’m sure it doesn’t take Bill Nye to come up with such a great idea. I would get on Dillard’s case for not being more prepared but in reality Xavier took part in this as well. My mom always said “Life isn’t fair.”, but it will be next time Dillard and Xavier are playing a game.

Dillard, Xavier, staff, people with titles, take into consideration that everybody wants to see the game. We both have small gymnasiums, however, step your game up and place the game at a location where at least the people who actually attend the universities are able to see the game. Thanks. Gosh.