Where is the love???

Enough is Enough! It is time that we get our act together. It is time that we “Put our money were our mouth is”, so to speak. Dillard University is built on the idea of being a family oriented university. One of the main reasons that I chose to attend Dillard was because it was a small school with a family oriented background. I won’t say that I’m exempt but to be honest there hasn’t been family surroundings for a long time. We talk so much about holding each other down and having each others back but when we really need each other it seems as if you are standing on a limb all by yourself. The new attitude for Dillard is, “I came here to do me” or ” I didn’t come here to make friends.” Well I hope you have heard of the phrase, ” It’s not what you know but who you know.”

Why can’t a female dress great without being called stuck-up, funny acting or thinking that she’s all that? Why can’t she just be fly? Don’t we all deserve props sometimes? Say what you may, I could be just preaching to the choir, but I’m tired. I’m tired and I’m sick…I’m just sick and tired. This behavior can no longer be tolerated. Is it a sin for a male to always want to wear button down shirts and nice shoes or drive a nice car? Is there something wrong with him just taking pride in how he looks? If a man chooses to wear sagging pants then so be it. Who are we to judge? Where is the love?

For our school to be so small we certainly keep up a lot of unnecessary mess. What Kim and John do behind close doors is Kim and Jon’s business. As young black college students, it is our responsibility and duty to uplift each other. We should not be putting anyone down or trying to degrade them. The theory is that people who talk down on someone only do so to boost their own egos or self-esteem. If that is true then we have a lot of people running around here with low self-esteem. Well I got news for you, you can put down your black sister or brother but no other race is going to care or tolerate that in the corporate or business world. I’m not trying to make this a race issue but it is evident that we just celebrated Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday and instead of treating this as a time for thanks and appreciation, many of us took this time to go shopping for whatever party we were going to that day. Realistically, we all know that the party won’t have anything to do with Martin Luther King Jr.. Where is the love?

Considering that black history month is right around the corner, we should be celebrating our roots and our origins. For the longest time I was one of those people that they called color struck. I was raised in the ghetto but I went to a magnet school and the majority of the kids were white. I wasn’t accepted among either group. The black kids said I was too light-skinned and the white kids said my hair was too thick and curly. It was amazing because I experienced my first encounter of discrimination at the age of four. Somehow from that point I only saw light-skinned individuals as people who could do right by me. It was not that I didn’t like dark-skinned individuals; it was just that I put what psychologists call a mental block in mind that only allowed me to see what I wanted. This caused me not to appreciate my culture entirely. This caused me to be the one to put people down just like how I was treated.

With growth comes maturity for most. On the contrary, with time ignorance can build. I have never been ignorant to the fact that we are all equal in God’s eyes but I was ignorant to the fact that we are all one. We are too old to be ignorant. We are too old to not know what is going on in our surroundings. I’m not asking you to be everyone’s friend but I am asking you to treat everyone like you would want to be treated. It’s not that hard to give someone a compliment here and there. Next time someone comes to you with drama just walk the other way. If we don’t have each other’s back then who will? Show someone the love!